Manhattan Margarita was crafted in a small beach town in Southern California. It was the summer of 2001 and founder Steven Brown was enjoying the Manhattan Beach lifestyle, surfing with buddies, backyard barbeques and searching for a refreshing cocktail on hot summer days. He started experimenting with margarita blends, using fresh squeezed citrus juices, creating different combinations with various tequilas and orange liqueurs, attempting to create a smooth, refreshing taste.

about-1These early cocktails were tested on friends, family and a group of surfing pals while on surf safaris in Central America and Mexico. The results were often happy and festive, with everyone smiling, or a grimmace and twisted frown!

Steve realized that there was a very subtle, refined art in creating the perfect margarita – a kind of alchemy.

He worked his magic in the kitchen with large pitchers and jugs, mixing and pouring, tasting and refining. Not too sweet. Not too tart. Until he finally succeeded in creating a perfectly balanced, refreshing, smooth tasting and delicious margarita.

Soon his margaritas became a calling card for parties and events in Manhattan Beach, with the request always being “Bring your margaritas!” Inevitably the jugs were always emptied quickly, leaving wine and beer untouched in their wake. He knew he had created something unique – Manhattan Margarita was born.

In 2013 he and co-founder Jin Ishimoto raised the initial seed funding to start the company,  with an added emphasis on international marketing and a strategic expansion plan.

In the summer of 2014 they launched Manhattan Margarita simultaneously in Manhattan Beach, CA and Tokyo, Japan.

Inspired by the active lifestyle of Manhattan Beach, California Manhattan Margarita is made with only the finest ingredients; a blend of five different fruit juices and premium, silver agave tequila, Manhattan Margarita is all natural and very refreshing – perfect for any occasion!

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